The Equation Campaign raises money and makes grants to support strategies and initiatives that disrupt the influence of the oil and gas industry and build the power of movements and people on the frontlines. We prioritize historically underfunded organizations – especially those led by Black, Indigenous and POC leaders – using the very levers that have given the industry its unprecedented power: finance, media, law, and politics. Through our grantmaking, we aim to undermine the power of the oil and gas industry and replace it with the power of people demanding and modeling a more just and sustainable way of living with nature and each other.

Financial Power

Shifting Risks, Benefits, and the Bottom Line

Hip Hop Caucus

A leader in the climate and racial justice fights, Hip Hop Caucus seeks to use advocacy and public and stakeholder pressure to drive divest-invest strategies wherein climate finance and racial equity finance are one goal.


Action Center on Race and the Economy

ACRE is a campaign hub for organizations working at the intersection of racial justice and corporate accountability, supporting grassroots environmental justice groups with the analysis, research, and national structure they need to fuel their fight. 


Stop the Money Pipeline

A coalition of over 130 organizations, STMP is holding the financial backers of climate chaos accountable. Through direct action, consciousness raising, and advocacy, they’re targeting the likes of Chase and Liberty Mutual to stop dangerous fossil fuel projects we can’t afford.

Mazaska Talks

Mazaska Talks (“Money Talks” in Lakota) has the mission to leverage economic power to fight repression of indigenous rights and the desecration of Mother Earth. The indigenous-led umbrella organization grew out of the Standing Rock movement and other fossil fuel campaigns, and serves as a hub for divestment movements from around the country.

Giniw Collective

The Giniw Collective is an indigenous, women-led frontline resistance group founded by Tara Houska. They’re working to fight Line 3 in the Tar Sands while preserving their traditional culture and training the next generation to protect their land and practices.

Media Power

Rewriting the Narrative


Drilled, a podcast from Critical Frequency, investigates fossil fuel propaganda and traces its impact down to the frontlines. The next season will focus on the history of the shale bubble and its impact on the country, tracing the growth of the industry through shady financing and lobbying efforts, the popping of the bubble, and its painful aftermaths.



The Greenpeace Book Club is a communications strategy to engage and mobilize new climate activists, particularly women, through Jane Fonda’s book “What Can I Do: My Path from Climate Despair to Action”.

Fossil Free Media

Fossil Free Media is a nonprofit media lab that supports the movement to end fossil fuels
and solve the climate emergency. They do this by providing direct communications support for
organizations and coalitions, developing movement resources, and running
hard-hitting campaigns that expose industry propaganda and shift public opinion.

Inequality Media

Inequality Media is focused on shifting public opinion around wealth inequality. This grant supported an explainer video on the need to keep oil and gas in the ground.

Political Power

Building the Movement

Honor The Earth

Currently fighting the Line 3 pipeline, Honor the Earth uses indigenous wisdom, music, art, and the media to raise awareness and support for Indigenous Environmental Issues, then leverage this awareness and support to develop financial and political capital for Indigenous struggles for land and life.

NDN Collective

NDN Collective is an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power. Through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative change, NDN Collective is creating sustainable solutions and strategies for Indigenous self-determination and movement-building.


MOVE Texas

MOVE Texas is on a mission to build power in underrepresented youth communities across Texas by building engagement and involvement on matters that they most care about. 


Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas

The Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe are leading the fight against three liquid natural gas terminals on their sacred land. In partnership with locals and organizers, they’ve successfully held off construction for five years.

Polluters Out

Polluters Out is a youth-led coalition of the entirety of the climate movement across the globe. Their focus is ending the fossil fuel industry’s control over “every aspect of our society from indigenous lands, governments, banks, universities, and climate negotiations.”

Our Kids Climate

Our Kids Climate is a network of 58 parent groups from 23 countries who are uniting for climate action to protect the kids we love from the climate crisis. This grant supports a new Climate Parent Fellowship created in conjunction with Parents For Future Global, the global movement behind the Fridays for Future youth movement. 

Promise to Protect Coalition

A multi-racial coalition of indigenous and rural organizations, Promise to Protect has been instrumental in fighting back Keystone XL. Our grants went to member organizations Brave Heart Society, Indigenous Environmental Network, NDN Collective, Native Organizers Alliance, Dakota Rural Action,, Wiconi un Tipi Resistance Camp, and Bold Nebraska

Pipeline Fighters Hub

The Pipeline Fighters Hub pools the collectively-developed wide-ranging expertise of communities and campaigns that have successfully beat fossil fuel projects, and serves as a hub and convener to strengthen fights nationally with skills, resources, and strategies.

Fossil Free University

FFU is a training course for young climate justice activists around the world who want to channel the power of the youth movement to address the source of the climate crisis.