Chronicle of Philanthropy

by Jim Rendon

Supporting groups led by Indigenous people and people of color is also the focus of the Equation Campaign started in 2021 by two Rockefeller heirs — Rebecca Lambert and Peter Case — who are trustees of the Rockefeller Family Fund. 

Lambert says that ClimateWorks’s focus on lowering demand for fossil fuels is needed, but it is ineffective without also curtailing fossil-fuel production. Big environmental groups and grant makers rarely try to stop new drilling or pipelines despite the International Energy Agency’s finding that in order to meet emissions targets, no new wells should be drilled.

“Focusing on reducing demand while ignoring supply works like only one half of a pair of scissors,” she says. “Betting on the same strategy that’s been used for 40 years might not actually be the safest bet.”

Groups led by people of color and Indigenous people have done remarkable work on stopping gas, oil, and coal from being extracted and halting pipelines but have received very little funding, she says. In some cases, the Equation Campaign’s grantees are receiving their first grants ever.