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  • How can philanthropy curb climate change?

    Chronicle of Philanthropy | Activist groups are calling on philanthropists to stop focusing so much on technocratic solutions and instead fund local, grassroots activists’ efforts to stop fossil-fuel extraction and promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis. Some philanthropists, including several heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune, are responding to that call and urging others to follow their lead.

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  • Fossil fuels made our families rich, now we want this industry to end.

    The Guardian | Congress must help usher in a new energy age – a clean energy age with the same level of support that fossil fuels companies have received for over a century.

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  • Rockefeller heirs launch campaign to block oil and gas development

    Chronicle of Philanthropy | Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert and Peter Gill Case have created the “Equation Campaign” and pledged a combined $30 million of their personal wealth to the effort. Another $5 million was pledged by other sources so far, with an ultimate goal of raising $100 million.

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  • Fund movements on the ground to keep fossil fuels in the ground

    Alliance Magazine | The climate movement needs to channel the kind of unstoppable momentum we have seen in social justice movements throughout history. That means following the lead of communities on the frontlines of climate catastrophe – often the same communities that are adjacent to fossil fuel infrastructure projects and bear the brunt of the industry’s dirty business.

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